yale tango



        Robin Thomas
A well-known and respected dancer and DJ, Robin's enthusiasm for tango can be seen most clearly in his wholehearted dedication to teaching. He believes that it is very important for students to dance simply and musically from the very beginning. Building that strong base of connection and musicality early, Robin believes, will allow even very new beginners to feel comfortable and confident on a crowded dance floor and will also lead to a more comprehensive and fluid understanding of more complicated techniques later on. Robins teaching style reflects this philosophy, and his students appreciate the humorous and down-to-earth way he presents the material. On the rare occasion that he is neither teaching nor DJing, Robin can always be seen on the dance floor, either 
working to expand his own understanding of tango, or simply enjoying the connection he works so hard to share with others. He is originally from Belfast, Ireland and now lives in New York City.

        Jay Abling
Jay is a nationally sought-after DJ, who is known to keep a good party going with an astute awareness of a dance floor’s changing energies and hand-picked choices of music to inspire dancers all night long. He is a regular DJ at major tango festivals in the U.S. and has DJed at local milongas, including Portland, Seattle, Maui, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Phoenix, Tucson, Albuquerque, Denver, Austin, Houston, Washington, DC, and New York City.    

        Hernan Prieto
Hernan was born into a family with a love for tango. Since childhood, porteņo music has surrounded him as well as prominent figures from the world of tango, such as Goyeneche and Virulazo, among others, who regularly visited his family home. In his teens, he began to get more involved in the world of tango and milongas. Hernan studied with some of the most famous dancers and milongueros of Buenos Aires. From them, he learned the technique, codes, and love of the dance.  Since then, his quest to integrate technique, emotion, enjoyment, and joy into his dance has continued and he has become, not only an excellent dancer and teacher, but also a favorite DJ of many milongas and festivals.


          Tine Herreman
Tine Herreman plays devastating tangos, soaring valses and irresistible milongas. She creates a warm and genial mood for the dancers to enjoy each other's embrace. She has a vast collection, but every song she plays is a greatest hit. Tine deejays at milongas, festivals and marathons in North America and Europe. She is the resident DJ at El Destino on Sundays in NYC.
As a dancer, Tine likes to follow  and occasionally lead uncomplicated tango with interesting musicality.
She was the founding president of the Yale Tango Club, and organized, taught and DJ'ed for the club from 2003 to 2007.
Tine is pronounced like "Tina".