yale tango



        Sebastian Jimenez and Joana Gomes
Sebastian Jimenez is today one of the most renowned dancers of the Tango Salon category. His career start as the winner of the top prize in 2010: the World Tango Championship. In the same year he was also recognized for his unique expression in Tango Vals in Buenos Aires Metropolitan Championship which made Sebastián the youngest champion in the history of both championships. Since then him and Joana Gomes have been traveling across all continents showing their art and spreading their knowledge.

        Hernan Prieto and Daniela Roig
Daniela and Hernan have been teaching and performing tango for more than 10 years. They were part of the exclusive staff of La Viruta (the most famous milonga in Buenos Aires), working together with some of the most well known "Maestros". During the last years, Daniela and Hernan have been traveling teaching and performing in the most important cities and festivals of North America. They are currently based in Chicago.

        Adam Cornett and Tilly Kimm
Adam started his tango journey in 2000, and has been teaching around the US for years. He aims to make the dance feel good, as well as look good. He encourages his students to be creative, inventive, playful, and musical, as these are the qualities he cherishes most about tango. Tilly has been a dancer and musician her whole life. She views tango as a particularly expressive medium for communicating ideas and feelings not well-captured by language. Tilly is also a pianist, and transcribes, arranges, and performs live tango music with Boston-based Orquesta Sin Trabajo. She recently finished her Ph.D. in Neurobiology at Harvard University. In 2016 she and Adam took over as the new owners of Providence Tango in Pawtucket Rhode Island.