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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get into Yale?
Please RSVP on the Facebook event page, and we will let you know as soon as registration opens. If you were here last year and your email hasn't changed, there is no need to do this, because we already know where to find you!

Do I need a partner?
In priciple, you don't need a partner. We do our best to gender balance the classes, and we rotate partners very often. However, when during the course of registration the number of followers exceeds the leaders, we will institute a partner requirement for followers until the imbalance has been remedied. When this happens, please recruit a leader from among your friends to be your numerical partner. You don't have to dance together or even be in the same classes or the same level. All we care about is that for every follower signup, there is also a leader signup.

Who is coming? 
In previous years we had students from all these schools, and we expect it will be similar this year: Yale, MIT, Brandeis, Harvard, Columbia, Princeton, UPenn, Penn State, Dartmouth, Ohio State, UC San Diego, Emory, Northeastern, University of Washington (Seattle), Cornell, Lehigh, SCSU, New England Conservatory, U Mass, Wellesley, Olin, Rutgers, Johns Hopkins, U of Minnesota, Wayne State, Worcester Polytech, Universite de Montreal, McGill, George Washington U in DC, USAF Academy, and others.
If your school is not mentioned and you plan to come, let us know! We'll update it.

I am not a college student. Can I participate? 
Of course! Come join the fun. 

Which classes should I take? 
We offer classes at the pre-intermediate, intermediate, intermediate-advanced and really advanced level. All the classes are really interesting and challenging. We think it is important that you take classes at your own level, this way you are more likely to learn something that you will be able to use at the milonga. 

For the pre-intermediate classes, you need to already know this: walking to the music, fluent ochos, cross in parellel and crossed feet, left turns, ocho cortado, pausing to the music, a comfortable embrace open or close or both, a clear lead or a smooth follow. If you don't know this, please learn it before you come.

For the intermediate classes, you need to know this: everything in the previous list, plus: right turns, one kind of boleo, a basic sacada, perhaps a gancho. It is possible that you have been taught a gancho or sacada but don't master everything listed for the pre-intermediate level, in this case you belong in the pre-intermediate level.

For the intermediate-advanced classes, you need to know everything in the previous lists, plus: fluent ganchos, whipping boleos, fast flowing turns in either direction, and be passingly familiar with off-axis movements. 

In the really advanced level classes, no actual moves will be taught. Instead, teachers will focus on concepts that will help you implement what you already know in new ways. Concepts may include advanced musicality, complex sequences, analytical tools for creating moves, improvisation, etc.

I would love to sign up but I can't afford a hotel, can I crash on somebody's couch? 
Probably. As soon as registration opens, we will have a housing request form for students. For more details, click on Lodging. 
The least expensive hotel is about $50 per night. There will be a bulletin board where you can find a hotel roommate. Look on the Lodging page. 

What's the dress code at the milongas? 
The milongas have themes; look on the schedule. They are not costume milongas; the themes merely give you a hint for a color or a flavor. Whatever you wear, it should be comfortable all night. For the Sunday brunch milonga, aka the Morning After Milonga, we don't want to make you think so hard before we serve you strong coffee, so wear whatever is handy. 

I don't know anybody there, how will I meet people? 
We have thought of everything! Our milongas will be hosted by Yale Tango Hosts, easily recognized, who know or will make it their business to know all the participants. Look for one of our hosts and introduce yourself. We will introduce you to your new friends. Simple, but brilliant! Also, to meet new people, take classes!  

I am a total beginner. Can I still participate? 
If you are a Yale student or postdoc, please sign up for the Beginners Bootcamp taking place as part of the fest. It will deal with everything you need to know to get started dancing socially every week at the Yale Tango Club and out in the real world. At the same time you can taste the flavor of a real festival! The regular festival classes are for people who already know how to dance and can handle a crowded dance floor and take classes at the levels offered (see schedule for details). 

I am fairly new to tango and I have not been to many milongas. Can I go to the milongas? 
Yes! Early in the evening we will play easy music. So by all means, show up early and you can warm up before it gets crowded. It will get really really crowded, so it is important that you dance defensively and don't try whatever space-intensive or boisterous moves you may have learned earlier that day. Show those off at the milongas in your hometown.
Please read this manual on tango manners for details on how to invite or decline, how long to dance with people, and the traffic rules of the milonga environment.

What is the Yale Tango Club? 
The Yale Tango Club is a student club at Yale University that was started in January 2003. Please check our website.  We have a charming old ballroom on campus, where we hold our weekly practilonga and regular classes with visiting instructors and our own teachers. In the summer we dance outdoors at several beautiful old campus locations. All our teachers and DJsare listed on our website. We have about 100 members. The vast majority of our people are students and young academics, from Yale and neighboring institutions, and their friends from the region. Our members are from dozens of countries across the six continents. We are known in the region for being a fun young crowd with a super friendly attitude. But don't take our word for it. Come dance with us and see for yourself!